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Rich The Kid Releases Lil Uzi Vert Diss “Dead Friends”

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Rich the Kid & Lil Uzi Vert have been going back and forth with each other on social media. The beef started when Uzi tweeted in frutration about his label deal in which Rich repsonded telling him he should have signed with his label, Rich Forever.

In response, Lil Uzi said he wouldnt sign to him for a small amount of money in which he didn’t need. Uzi continued the beef by posting a picture on Instagram holding an $1000 crab on Instagram and tagging Rich the Kid as the crab. Rich the Kid reposted the picture saying “Aww look at my son @liluzivert tryna look just like me”. Rich has continued to play with the feud by saying he does not know who Lil Uzi is when confronted about the problems between them two. Today he released his diss track “Dead Friends” playing off of Uzi’s biggest song to date “Xo Tour Life”.

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